• Rex Wilkes
  • July 20, 2016

So Much Fun At The State!!

We are still glowing and dancing a little from an amazing night at Falls Church’s State Theater—thanks to the enthusiastic fans and talented fellow musicians who made Jam Band Fan Night 6 so fulfilling. For Better Off Dead, the night will stay with us forever mainly because we got to share the bandstand with tenor titan Ron Holloway, whose improvisations on “Roadrunner” and “Bird Song” were so utterly shot through with soul. We’re proud to have given him a groove to play on.
Thanks also to Ron’s funky band and to Dan Steele and Covered with Jam, for organizing a great night and including our set smack in the middle. RHB got us excited with some P-Funk, and CwJ’s imaginative mash-up of Dark Side of the Moon and Star Wars themes was unforgettable. Will and John (our “Tower of Flower Horns”) got to play throughout the set, and their smiles won’t quit. What a night!
Click here to check out our video of Roadrunner with Ron Holloway


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