• Rex Wilkes
  • December 19, 2016

Music + Heart=Community!

The first really cold weather of the winter was met with the first ice of the season: a cold and slippery proposition for a Saturday. But Better Off Dead paid these obstacles no mind. We loaded up Andy’s newly logo-ed bass drum and Rex’s silky new speaker cab with its twin Dead lightening bolts and hit the road in style, sliding toward Shepherdstown. It was a strong night for music, what with the debut of the rare “Magnificent Sanctuary Band”, a showstopper encore feature for Jess in “Strange Man”, and a moving version of “Looks Like Rain”.

But the afterglow of the show, for us, was all about the wonderful crowd of listeners at the Opera House. We had dancing teenagers dressed in period garb at the edge of the stage. We had our dearest friends from Baltimore and DC making the drive to be with us and with each other. We had local fans from West Virginia who greeted us with hugs and appreciation. We celebrated birthdays of season in the green room, and we reached—as we always do—to celebrate the music on stage with all the passion and purpose we could muster.

Thanks for keeping the faith with us through the light, glistening sheen of ice and on into the new year! See you again soon.


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